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Version: 1.04
Date: 02-09-2015 05:38:14
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Storm Haven is an Everquest Emulator Server designed with high quality customized content.
Site News Report 
Storm Haven Goes Back to Preferred! Wed Dec 05, 2018 6:36 pm
Well... It isn't exactly positive news, but I can't say it is unwarranted or unexpected either. I am actually surprised it took this long to be dropped off of the "Legendary Servers" list after many years with minimal to no players on the server. Frankly, I am glad for Storm Haven to still be listed as "Preferred" and not just "Normal". You might even say that this was the "preferred" outcome. Ok, bad pun...

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Onto an actual News Update:...     [Read full article]

Sat Jan 03, 2015 8:56 pm
After years of being in the Preferred Server Section of the Server List, Storm Haven was finally bumped up into Legendary Status last night!

A thanks goes to Akkadius for updating our status on the Login Server!

ServerSelect.jpg [ 172.51 KiB | Viewed 21154 times ]

In other news, the RoF2 client continues to get better and better. The main remaining issues to resolve are guild ranks/bank and bazaar trading, but other than that it is a very rock solid and bug-free client. Currently, almost half of the active players are already on the RoF2 client. For anyone that doesn't have RoF2 yet, you should get it from Steam ASAP!

Here are the change logs from the source updates since the last post about it:

== 01/03/2015 ==
Trevius: (RoF2) /shield (shielding) and /key (key ring) are both now functional after opcode updates.

== 01/02/2015 ==
Trevius: (RoF2) *Hopefully* Fixed looting incorrect items from NPCs. Please report any issues!
Trevius: (RoF2) Now able to loot items past the 10th slot on NPC corpses.
Trevius: Attuned Items can now be auto-looted and will equip properly.
Trevius: Mercenaries and Bots will no longer take a share from /split or /autosplit.

== 12/30/2014 ==
Trevius: (RoF2) Aug Type 21 no longer shows the "Buy Now" button in the aug slot of items.
Trevius: (RoF2) Identified the "Copied" item flag with the help of Uleat.

== 12/29/2014 ==
Trevius: (RoF2) Identified a few Item Fields and resolved an issue with cloth armor not accepting certain augments that they should.
Akkadius: Updated $client->UpdateTaskActivity to have optional argument ignore_quest_update IE: Client::UpdateTaskActivity(THIS, TaskID, ActivityID, Count, [ignore_quest_update])
Akkadius: Also updated internal UpdateTaskActivity methods to optionally ignore quest based task updates to prevent feedback

== 12/28/2014 ==
Uleat: Implemented class Client::TextLink as a replacement for the dozens of individual link formatters.

== 12/27/2014 ==
Akkadius: Add option to automatic database upgrade script 5) Download latest Opcodes from Github
Trevius: (RoF2) Fixed dropping items on the ground so they go to ground level instead of camera height.
Trevius: Show Helm Option should be functional again.
Kayen: Implemened npc special ability (43) CASTING_RESIST_DIFF which sets innate resist modifier on
ALL spells used by that NPC. Ie. 43,1,-200 will set a -200 innate resist diff, so if your npc cast
a spell that has a -10 resist modifier the final resist diff would be -210.

== 12/25/2014 ==
Uleat: Updated 'links' code for all clients

== 12/24/2014 ==
Trevius: (RoF+) Added herosforgemodel field to the npc_types table.
Trevius: (RoF2) Updated item links from #npcstat command output.
Trevius: (RoF+) Implemented Hero's Forge Armor for NPCs. Set the herosforgemodel field in npc_types table to the model (example: 84 for full set, or 12107 for robe).
Trevius: (RoF+) Hero's Forge Armor now overrides NPC texture settings. To display Hero's Forge Armor Helms, set helmtexture field to anything other than 0.

== 12/23/2014 ==
Uleat: Tidied up some ItemInst* declarations and added some nullptr checks.
Trevius: (RoF+) Added support for Hero's Forge Robe Models. Set herosforgemodel field in items table to exact model such as 11607, 11707, etc.

== 12/22/2014 ==
Trevius: (RoF2) Fixed Tracking.
Trevius: (RoF+) Added a work-around for the cursor buffer issue.

== 12/21/2014 ==
Trevius: (RoF2) Fixed Extended Targets Window by correcting opcodes.
Trevius: (RoF/RoF2) Fixed Guild Rank in the Player Profile, which prevents the guild rank message on login/zone.

== 12/20/2014 ==
Akkadius: Updated #cvs to display RoF2 Client Stream count

== 12/19/2014 ==
Trevius: (RoF2) Fixed Leadership AA Purchasing and Recipe Search by correcting opcodes.
Trevius: Fixed Armor Tinting (players and NPCs) that was broken during a previous update.
Trevius: (RoF2) Fixed Rest Timer, Show Helm Option, Auto-Consent Options, and identified Krono in the PP.
Trevius: Fixed Selling for Alternate Currency Merchants for RoF and RoF2.

== 12/18/2014 ==
Trevius: Finished lining up the RoF2 Player Profile Struct. Zone times are now normal, and everything from the PP is accurate in game now.
Trevius: Fixed zoning after death for RoF2.

== 12/17/2014 ==
demonstar55: Use vectors for route stuff, should be more CPU cache friendly so faster
Secrets: EQStream changes as recommended by a community member in private.

== 12/15/2014 ==
Trevius: (RoF+) Implemented the 6th Augment Slot for Items.
Trevius: Player Corpses now saved attuned settings for Items.

== 12/13/2014 ==
demonstar55: Fix guild rank spam on zone (needed to be in OP_PP).
Trevius: (RoF+) Implemented Armor Ornamentation using Hero's Forge Armor Models. To use, create an ornamentation augment and set the herosforgemodel field in the items table.
Trevius: (RoF+) Added command #heromodel (#hm for short) - Usage: #heromodel [hero forge model] [ [slot] ] (example: #heromodel 63)

== 12/12/2014 ==
demonstar55: Add special attack 42, Ignore Root Aggro Rules. This allows you to root a mob and have them still use the normal aggro rules (so they will attack the one with most hate, not closest)

== 12/09/2014 ==
Trevius: (RoF+) Implemented Hero's Forge Armor Models for Items. To use, set herosforgemodel field in the item table to a model number such as 63 (for example).
demonstar55: SoF+ swarm pets will no longer be F8able (without a hack!)

== 12/08/2014 ==
Secrets: Added a feature that allows an EQ client to log in directly to World without having to enter the LoginServer, provided the 'password' field is set in WorldServer.

== 12/04/2014 ==
Kayen: Ranged attacks will now more accurately check MAX firing range, fixing the issue where you would
hit ranged attack and nothing would happpen due to incorrect server side range checks.
Trevius: Initial addition of the RoF2 client from May 10th 2013 (currently available on Steam as the F2P client).
Trevius: RoF2 is disabled by default, but you can enable by editing /common/patches/patches.cpp (see comments)

== 12/01/2014 ==
Trevius: Mercenaries now spawn as the same Gender and Size of the Merchant they are purchased from.
Trevius: Mercenaries now spawn with randomized facial features when purchased.
Trevius: Setting a lastname for NPCs will now override any hard coded lastname (such as GM Trainers).

== 11/28/2014 ==
Trevius: Fixed a zone crash related to numhits for spells.
Trevius: Fixed a query related to group leaders logging in.
Trevius (Natedog): Fixed a world crash related to attempting to join an adventure with Mercenaries.

== 11/27/2014 ==
Kayen: Projectiles (ie Arrows) fired from archery will now do damage upon impact instead of instantly (consistent w/ live).
Optional SQL: utils/sql/git/optional/2014_11_27_ProjectileDmgOnImpact.sql

== 11/25/2014 ==
Trevius: Spells that modify model size are now limited to 2 size adjustments from the base size.
Trevius: Fix to prevent Mercenaries from being set as Group Leader.
...     [Read full article]

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