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Storm Haven Purchases

Storm Haven Package


If you wish to contribute to the server monetarily, you can do so by purchasing the Storm Haven Package for any number of your accounts on the Server. Storm Haven does not and will not ever require players to pay for access to play on the server.



Storm Haven Package Status Rewards


Some slight rewards have been added to the server for accounts that have Storm Haven Package Status. These rewards are meant only to be a small “Thank You” for making the purchase and are not meant in any way to be overpowering or to be something that is required to have a strong character.


The Storm Haven Package allows in game access to the following special features:


  • The Guild Hall zone, which is similar to the Guild Lobby, but also has excusive contributor NPCs.
  • Automated Character Account Transfers for moving characters from one account to another account.
  • No Drop Item Trading that allows 1 No Drop item to be traded to another character every 30 days.
  • Removal of the Monster Mercenary Limit so that each character can have 1 Monster Mercenary when boxing (normally capped at 5 total Monster Mercenaries and/or Clients per IP Address).
  • The Orum Merchant, which awards 1 Orum per 30 days per account that can be spent on Illusion, Nimbus Effect, and Mount Clicky Items.
  • Free Charm Upgrades up through most of the high-end content.
  • Automatic Power Source Upgrades that keeps the Power Source at 1 Upgrade Level over normal players.
  • Once Daily "Lesson of the Devoted" (Experience Buff) from the Temporary Banker.
  • Forum Account will be added to the "Contributor" group and the name will display as Green on the Forums.


If you have any issues using the Automated Character Account Transfers, you can PM Trevius with the Character Name(s) and the From/To Account Names and they will be moved manually.



Purchase the Storm Haven Package using Paypal


Number of Accounts

Please PM Trevius on the forums once you have purchased a package and include the Paypal account name that you paid with or the Transaction ID.  List the account name(s) that you would like to have set to the Storm Haven Package Status. Optionally, you can list the account name(s) in the Paypal form above. Also, please mention if you would not like your forum account to show as Contributor (Green Name), otherwise it will automatically be updated.


Currently, every $5.00 USD that is spent will give Storm Haven Package access to 1 account. Purchasing more than $30.00 will increase the rate as shown below:


  • $5.00 - Storm Haven Package Status for (1) Account
  • $10.00 - Storm Haven Package Status for (2) Accounts
  • $15.00 - Storm Haven Package Status for (3) Accounts
  • $20.00 - Storm Haven Package Status for (4) Accounts
  • $25.00 - Storm Haven Package Status for (5) Accounts
  • $30.00 - Storm Haven Package Status for (6) Accounts
  • $35.00 - Storm Haven Package Status for (8) Accounts (1 Free)
  • $40.00 - Storm Haven Package Status for (10) Accounts (2 Free)
  • $45.00 - Storm Haven Package Status for (12) Accounts (3 Free)
  • $50.00 - Storm Haven Package Status for (15) Accounts (5 Free)

Account Upgrades are a 1 time cost and they are not re-occurring. Once you have made a purchase and gained Storm Haven Package Status on your account(s), that status will remain on the account for as long as the server exists.  If the server was ever to be shut down permanently for any reason, all purchases made within 30 days prior to it being shut down would be refunded or the transactions would be canceled.




Please note that if a player with Storm Haven Package Status is caught cheating or breaking the Server Rules and it is verified 100%, they will still be banned from the server just as any other player would be. There will not be a refund for the purchase. There will be no special treatment for purchasers. Item loss due to bug or server crash will still fall under the same policy for purchasers as it does for normal players. We try to please as many people as possible, but we will not be biased even for people who have made the purchase.


All times are UTC - 6 hours [ DST ]

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