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PostPosted: Sun Jan 15, 2017 2:14 pm 

Joined: Thu Jan 29, 2009 5:55 am
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For well over a year I have posted various bugs and suggestions. Many of the suggestions that I make are based on something I saw from one raid tier and then the next raid tier lacks the same concept. It could be either intended or an oversight.

I thought I would dig for them all and compile them to this thread.

If your allowed to edit my own post; please feel free to cross them off. I know this list may never get started or finished (due to RL and time could be spent elsewhere). If you know for certain that one of the items I mentioned won't happen just call it out and I will remove it from the list.

Here is the list:


FC - Tier 5 rune does not drop:

I believe the Vial of icewater drops in place of the T5 rune. FC bosses always drop 1 valfrost and 1 rune. I have had two times where there was no rune but the mob (one time on Harfang and another time on Beltron) dropped an icewater but no rune - The following link is a post where I went into a bit more detail

FC Enchanter leggings don't cast:

They give a "Item out of charges" when clicked

FC Legs:
Solteris Legs:

They both have the same click. If that helps troubleshoot the issue at all. (I guess I'm also asking for an upgraded version of the cast as well or at least a shorten cast time)
Zeb 76 spell for enchanters does nothing:

The zeb spell doesn't work.

I don't know if this spell has ever worked. I bought it a long time ago but forgot about it. When cast it does nothing, well maybe decrease my stamina by 1 point. I have tried this spell with a group of 6 characters all who were full mana, but one char who was <60% mana.

I also made another group of 6, which had all classes that had a mana pool (first time I had my war in group) but this did not work either.
Level 79 zeb monk disc - broken:

This disc crashes the zone every time when used. I also can only see 3 of my disciplines in the overview of all my disciplines (Slacts synergy, Crystalpalm discipline and Astral Projection) I have tried to re-learn all of my disc and they will not come up in the discipline list. You can still right click and use the drop down menus to select any discipline but you don't see there description when you click the "S" on the combat ability window.
The zeb ranger spells 76 and 79:

The level 76 ranger spell:
Level 79 zeb spell:

In game these are listed as a boost to melee damage only, which I have tested and confirm that they have no effect on archery (ranger's melee attack is useless at this time)

If they were another version of the FC bow click or the ranger legs they would be useful. To top it off they share the same timer as Trueshot/Pureshot/Deathshot. I could see a debate of using them over the Trueshot line for a faster cooldown option, but they dont work that way.

Maybe one of them (the 76 or 79) could be a smaller duration - faster reuse, that stays on the Trueshot disc line cooldown. The other could be another trueshot type discipline but is on a unique separate timer.

The 76 spell does have the parry mod, but again it is on the trueshot timer and you have weaponshield, which is on a seperate timer than trueshot

I think on this server rangers will never be anything other then range dps, but it would be kinda neat to see if they could do some good numbers if they were able to get triple attack (I would say have rangers be the only class that gets this) and if the raid buff spells had a much longer duration and beefed up a bit in the proc rate department:
FC - Star of Zek items: Effect does not work/trigger when the timer expires

All of these items have the same effect

When the song fades the ability does not trigger. (I have been on top of the mobs and it still does not damage them)
FC Wulfnor's Earring Clicky doesn't work
Wulfnor's Golden Earring

The click effect, Blood Rage IV, Does not work. Clicking the item only gives the message " your spell is interrupted ".Tested this fully buffed, Unbuffed, targeting,and untargeted.
nex~ this is the spell effect

I would also like to point out that the duration for blood rage IV is 5 mins where all of the other overhaste clicks have a 27min timer -- examples as follows:

Level 79 wizard spell from zeb:

I never bought it because in-game it says it does 1355 dmg. The wiki claims 13.5k. It also says unknown effect in-game and I wasn't sure if it would work since does not trigger when the timer wears off.

(Sorry just didn't want to spend the chronos for it not to work, so I have not tested it)

However, if it works great! Just all the in-game text needs to be adjusted so players know what it really does. It reminds me too much of the star of zek items to try it.

FC Wizard spells - 3 Ice nukes: (These are not bugs)

There are 3 ice nukes in FC - this spell has -50res adj and hits between 13780 and 26780 - this spell has -10res adj and hits for 20363 - this spell has -50res adj and hits for 14085

Beltrons Ice comet is a super rare spell, according to allaclone I was the first to loot it and that was in 2016. (thou allaclone has been known to be wrong) Before knowing the existence of this spell; I was happy with the ice spells in FC. The 14k ice nuke I found way before chaotic black ice and of course it wasn't for well over a year of FC grinding that I came across Beltrons Ice comet. So having 3 ice spells is kinda goofy for one zone, but hey its a ice zone!

IMO the issue comes down to the -10res adj. Anything that is -10 to -49 has a significant higher chance to be resisted from my experiences. Due to the resist adj, I never use Beltron's ice comet. (I love the name, it hurts not using it!) If it had the same res adj compared to Chaotic black ice; I could see the debate between the two spells. Black ice has a rng factor and beltrons is a consistent option. I think I would still use the chaotic black ice but this is personal opinion.

Beltrons has a slower cast time than chaotic ice and it only does 2000 more dmg than the Solteris fire nuke

One suggestion is if we could have Beltron's be a high mana cost spell with a longer cooldown. It would work like the final boss spells from the previous zones (Lethal Lightning in Solteris and cataclysm of permafrost from Dranik)

As it currently stands you find and loot 1 of the 3 cold spells and only use it till you get the best one (chaotic black ice) and then you use thunderfrost, and frostfire as the other two spells in your rotation, or use Ragnar's Devouring Conflagration (18363 fire nuke from Solteris) until you get the "ideal" 3 spell rotation.

Solteris - Wizard concussion spell:

As with beltrons res adj. This spell is -20res adj and gets resisted a ton, resulting into gaining aggro more times than losing it. Could we get this adjusted?

FC - Pet spells for the Necromancer, SK, Monk:

"data not found" I know these issues have been posted for a long time and that they just need to be created.

FC - Ranger BP click does not work:
"data not found - unable to SummonRangerWolfFC"

Here is the Solteris BP if it helps you any:

FC - Shaman pet / Focus:

If there is a FC shaman pet - it has not been discovered. I know the shaman pets are primarily used to hail for buffs.

If there is a FC shaman pet could you at least confirm that it does exist?

If there is no pet and you would rather not add it. Could you make it so that the Solteris pet will offer to cast the upgraded focus from FC; instead of the Solteris one?

IF you do make a pet, could you consider updating the other support buffs that it cast? Aside from getting a new focus at every raid tier - the pet still cast the same buffs as the Dranik version.
L78 Mage Pet: data not found:

posting from another player (funkeey):

L79 - Core of Earth - When cast, gives the "Unable to find data for pet SumEarthR18" message. I'm guessing the 76 air pet might be better (but it would be nice if earth was useful!). Either way, no worky hehe.

L78 - Summon Prime Armaments - These pet weapons are worse than the L76 pet weapons. For instance, L79 = 400 hp... L76 = 2400. To compare these to the PoV "Pet Owner's Dream" weapons... Those have stats + 2000 hp.

Either way - thanks again for the great server. New pet shinies or if it's easy to toss the 79 earth pet in (if its boosted like the 76air/77fire) - then awesome! ;o) If not, i'll hopefully pick up my 2.5 someday. :D
Paladin Slay Undead:

On my paladin I have all 6 ranks of slay undead and I have never seen it proc for him. Does the aa work?

I have spent a lot of time with the undead in FC and I have been quite curious about this for some time. If it does land the dmg does not scale well - could we have it beefed up to fit the numbers in FC?

Watching the slay undead effect trigger on my other toons made me question why I have not seen the paladin do it. The item and effect that other melee use to get good hits in

(I realize that melee are using special attacks so the modifiers are stacking up but it still doesn't seem right with the paladin)
Paladin and SK 3.0 epics - Damage seems low

The paladin's 3.0 seems to hit pretty weak overall. Is that a side effect of using a 1hs for the paladin when the aa's are gear towards 2hs? Double attack rates are very low and despite having more dmg than my wars 3.0; I hit very light compare to him.
(The paladin is getting crit hits at 1600dmg, 40, 70) where the warrior is getting 1600 non crit to 5k crits.)

Just curious if this was ever brought up. I know pally/sk is not ment to be a dmg dealer and with spells they hold aggro better then a warrior. Just the damage that they do seems very low.

I even went to the broodlands to fight blue cons with my paladin. I know my attack rating is really high for this tier.

The dmg from the pally 3.0 was about the same as what I mentioned above. If you get bored make a pally and throw one of those 3.0's on it and check it out. Rarles posted similar results with his SK 3.0
FC - 1hs weapon click: Click makes you FD

Kayen already talked about this a bit so I will just link the thread- viewtopic.php?f=14&t=2898

One thing I will add. After the double hp buff went into effect and my overall HP was over 100k this stopped happening.
Druid 3.0 epic - no melee proc

The 2.5 druid epic had a melee proc (moonfire)

The 3.0 doesn't have a melee proc like the 2.5 does. I have fun using my enchanter's 3.0 to melee with, so I thought I would ask if you would consider adding a melee proc to the druid 3.0 (I only ask because the 2.5 has it :)

As for what spell, I don't have anything in-particular in mind. I guess if you stick to a cold DD then I will throw this one in the mix

Winters Wrath - ice dd from dranik (zun muram) I can't find the spell on the wiki for whatever reason.
Tacvi V2 Augs:

Tacvi augs from the armor quest:

The worn effects are not correct
Tacvi V2 - Monks can't finish the aug quest
Could you please add the monk class to the above item. They can't finish the quest because the don't have a wearable back item to turn in.
FC - Pendant of Hidden Power

FC item: claims 20,30,40% but is giving the 10,20,30 effect.

Solteris version:

Both effects point to the same trigger ID (19865) -- you will see trigger ID 19865 -- you will see trigger ID 19865
Enchanter Zeb spell 79:
3 min recast but the spell gem does the reflect this time. The spell gem refreshe needs to reflect the 180 seconds
Druid pet:

It would be a nice little perk if the druid could have AA's that would allow there pet to receive group buffs (like the mage, necro, bst, sk)

Also I know that the pet is not meant to be super awesome. Well the heal they proc is really good. The issue is that it has such poor ac that it flops so easily. All pet classes have this issue in the raid zones (I know they are not ment to tank raid content) The other classes at least have some utilities to cast mitigation buffs (avoidance and what not) but the druid bear is nude!

With all that said; I just ask for consideration of a AC boost. The FC one has 1kac when solteris 3.0 pet classes are above 3k. It more than likely won't make a difference even if it was upped to 2kac.

I guess one other thought is if you would consider adding some sort of mitigation bonus to The spell has a short duration so it would not make it easy mode.

Adding the pet AA's alone would be a big help.
Acting Armor IV - does not scale like the previous versions

The allahclone doesn't have the same numbers as what is in the game, but it still shows that it is near the amount of acting armor 3.

Acting armor 3 = 263ac
Acting armor 4 = 269ac
I could not find any items with 1 or 2 that I still have on my toons. I know armor 1 was around 120-140ac and armor 2 was around 170-190
Berserker Raid Disc:

Dranik spell from battlemaster - Annihilator's Strike - 12 second reuse
Solteris spell - 16 second reuse

In game the Annihilators Strike has a 0 second reuse time... and does that in the arena but in any other zone it is a 12 second cooldown. It also has the same timer as the solteris one. In the arena I can use the solteris disc and while it is on cooldown I can still use annihilators. Again, outside of the arena you use one or the other and both will be on cooldown.
LDON 500k mask - click does nothing:

I can't find mine; I have no idea what happen to it. Regardless, I know the click did nothing and I have had other people confirm it as well.
Druid Solteris Rain spell vs FC Rain spell

The druid rain spell in Solteris does 6 waves; as oppose to, the FC version that does 3. The damage is slightly higher on the FC one. I know druids are not to be a pure dps class but I thought I would still bring it up. It would be nice to see the FC version have 6 hits as well. The spell is quite costly and is not efficient (so I see that as the balance) .... the "price" you pay for trying to dps like a pure caster! - Solteris version (hits 6 times) - FC Version (hits 3 times)
Attunable Items - Giving error message:

This thread is already a bloated whale. Here is the link to the summary of the issue

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 15, 2017 5:53 pm 
Storm Haven Guide

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I appreciate you taking the time to organize it.

Will be easier to go through. Will try to knock some off the list.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 15, 2017 8:21 pm 

Joined: Thu Jan 29, 2009 5:55 am
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Thanks Kayen!

I really appreciate it.... and yeah, not so much fun compiling it all.

If any vets have feedback or comments on some of my ideas/suggestions; please, please add your input. Be it disagreement, support, or you have your own idea. I can also add to the list.

I have not bought all of the zeb spells. Some of them I found to be really good and others (the ranger) I have pointed out. I would be curious of any input from the community.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 24, 2017 12:40 am 

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TLDR: I believe that increasing the proc rate would be the easiest way to balance the Slay Undead AA to scale with mob HP in raid tiers. Alternatively, importing additional aa ranks (expanded PEQ aas) could also help alleviate issues.

Spoke with Madara already, but RE: Paladin Slay Procs:

I tested in LDONs and FC on Knorgar while soloing mobs. Some back of the napkin stats:

Fight Duration: 43s
Maximum: 29000 dmg
Proc Rate: 1 proc every 20 seconds (4.6% of attacks)
Number of Procs: 2
Average: 26,460.5 dmg
Slay DPS: 1200

Fight Duration: 356s
Maximum: 36102 dmg
Proc Rate: 1 proc every 44 seconds (1.98% of attacks)
Number of Procs: 8
Average: 17327.75 dmg
Slay DPS: 389

For mobs that have 6 or 7 figure HPs, the current slay damage and proc rate is almost negligible.

In terms of scaling, I would agree that Paladin slay could use a significant buff, either in how often it procs, or how much damage it does.

The effectid is 219 SE_SlayUndead.

Based on default PEQ data and if I'm understanding this correct, and I'm probably not, then the chance of the Slay Undead effect happening is 680/1000. This chance only occurs when landing a critical, further reducing it by a lot. The damage of the slay is also based on the calculated damage of the critical, with modifiers applied afterwards.

If all I said was true, then then easiest way to help the Slay Undead scale with the enormous NPC HP would be to have the proc effect happen more often (Base Value 2, I think).

Please know that I believe warriors should always out DPS Paladins and SKs, even against undead. However, having Paladins actually feel like they are more effect against undead again would be great since Warrior dps does scale with level/gear, but Paladin does not.

I posted numbers for assumed level 3 Slay Undead instead of Level 6.

Level 6 of slay undead is base1 485 and base2 815.

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 24, 2017 6:05 pm 

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Thank you for all of your hard work Knorgar. You also taught me a few things, that I didn't know about slay undead.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2017 8:03 pm 

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Would like to add this item.

Wulfnor's Golden Earring

The click effect, Blood Rage IV, Does not work. Clicking the item only gives the message " your spell is interrupted ".Tested this fully buffed, Unbuffed, targeting,and untargeted.


PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2017 9:16 pm 

Joined: Thu Jan 29, 2009 5:55 am
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added it to the list, thanks!

PostPosted: Sun May 21, 2017 5:34 pm 

Joined: Thu Jan 29, 2009 5:55 am
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I will still update this thread if anyone finds anything else. Just don't hold your breath :P

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