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Welcome to the Storm Haven Wiki. Here you will find information about Storm Haven and EQEmulator.


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The Storm Haven Wiki

The majority of the important Sticky Threads in the forums have been copied to the Wiki here to have 1 quick and easy place to have access to all of them.

This wiki can be used for anything Storm Haven related including quest guides, or anything that might be useful to have in a wiki format.

Getting Started

Return to Storm Haven's homepage

Storm Haven FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Progression Guide - An overall guide to progression on Storm Haven - work in progress!

Level Chart - The Storm Haven Custom Zones Level Chart

Quests - A list of quests on Storm Haven, and a work in progress.

Zones - A list of zones which have information written about them.

Special Events - Events or zones that are/were available for limited periods of time.

NPCs - A list of helpful NPCs with information written about them.

NPCs - Alphabetical Table - A list of NPCs organized alphabetically in a table format.

Mobs - A list of notable mobs and useful information about them.

LDoN Adventures - A guide to the Lost Dungeons of Norrath zones on Storm Haven.

Useful Clickies - Useful clickies available on Storm Haven, and information on how to get them.

List of Augmentations - An indexof Augs & where they're from

Helpful Links, Fixes, Tips, and Guides for EQ and EQEmu

Guides and Information - Useful Play Guides and Information for Storm Haven.

MQ2 & EQBC - A guide to boxing multiple characters using MQ2 and the EQBC plugin.

test - work in progress


Forum Rules - Read this before posting anything questionable on the Forums

Server Rules - Read this before doing anything questionable on the Server

Tools and Custom Files

Update Your Spell File - Allows access to the 70+ Spells - All Custom Files

Secrets of Faydwer Zone Model Files - Creates files needed to see the correct NPC Models in all zones while using the SoF client.

Character Mover Tool - Use if your character gets stuck

Stormagelo - Storm Haven Magelo Clone

Custom SoF UIs - Custom UIs for the Secrets of Faydwer Client only

Custom SoD UIs - Custom UIs for the Seeds of Destruction Client only

Server Information

Server Details - Brief summary about the server and it's Stats

Storm Haven Account Upgrades - Contribute to the Server and upgrade your account(s)

Known Bugs - Read this for Information on Known Bugs with the Server or with the Emulator in General

Character Caps - Caps for Regen and Mod2 Stats on Storm Haven

Custom Class Spell Effects - Many class spells on SH are customized to improve certain classes or provide missing functions

Custom Click Spell Effects - Most click spell effects on SH are custom. Only those discovered will be listed here

Developer Reference Information

Secrets of Faydwer - Various Information related to the SoF Expansion for EQEmu

Seeds of Destruction - Various Information related to the SoD Expansion for EQEmu

EQEmulator Wiki

EQEmulator Wiki - Here is an archive of the wiki from

Misc Wiki

Reference Wiki - Random References for Development (on misc platforms)

General Wiki Information

Wiki Text - Wiki Formatting Help